Trinity Cakes & Wedding Supplies
2331 N. State Road 7
Suite # 217
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33313
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Phone/Fax: (954) 714-2939
Owner: (954) 294-7676

Valentine Baskets (heart cakes), Easter Buns, Christmas Fruit Cakes etc. Cornmeal or Potato Pudding

The Island Rum Cake
Rich Fruit Cake
Plum Pudding

Enhance your wedding or any occasion with some beautiful butterflies of colours fluttering around in a romantic setting...

OR... Watch your child's face light up as butterflies come to life at his/her birthday party.


Trinity Cakes & Wedding Supplies is a privately owned business, developed through years of artistic experience from the Caribbean to the United States . The owner creates delectable cakes and puddings for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion.

Stop in at our retail center for a wide array of cake decorating supplies, ornaments and keepsakes, To make your event complete you can also get the most gorgeous center pieces, bouquets, you can rent tables, table cloths, chairs and chair covers. Enquire about our unique invitations or announcements.


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